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Do you remember?


Do you remember the first time you tied your shoes?  Or read a book? Or could tell time?  Or what about the first time you rode a bike or swung in a “big kid” swing?

Exciting!  Fun!  Independence!

The thrill of “first times." The thrill of accomplishments and feeling good about yourself.  The thrill of saying, “I can do this”.  The thrill of showing mom or dad what you could do. The thrill of learning.  Indeed, learning is good. 


Education gives us power to sift through information and make good, solid decisions that influence our path and help us understand others. 


Tablet and computer games are great resources. They are colorful, entertaining and creative.  But never underestimate the power of words.  Words can take us into the past or into the future.  Words can describe a cold, blustery winter snowy storm or a hot, humid, hazy summer day. 


Words can teach.  


Words can bring a child and parent together.  A child sitting on a parent’s lap listening to a parent read.  Together they can laugh, talk, read and learn.  A parent is a child’s first teacher.  Together they can build life long memories of reading and learning together. 


One generation teaching the next. This is why we exist.



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